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Dr. Yajima was very thorough in finding out what I needed.  I really liked that about his approach.  He asked with me to see how I walked and what my habits were.  In the end, I purchased some custom made insoles that I now want for every pair of shoes I own.  I know taking care of my body starting with my feet is going to make a huge difference as I age and my knees and back start to weaken.  Thank you Dr. Yajima!!

Y.A. Male 37 years old

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Dr. Yajima, I love you!  

I have been to a few chiropractors in the past..none compare to Dr. Yajima.  He is VERY thorough.  He listens.  He asks questions.  He informs.  He lets you ask questions.  

Not only does he give great adjustments, he has MANY other procedures and techniques that he uses.  AND the way he adjusts my neck, it's not the scary way that some chiropractors do...where it feels like they're going to break your neck.  It's more gentle and just as effective.   I recently took my girlfriend's 80 year old grandmother to visit.  She has had back and hip pain for close to 50 years.  After her first visit with Dr. Yajima, she was hooked.  She's always so excited to tell me about her latest appointment.  She even enjoys the way he stretches her legs.  She leaves feeling rejuvenated.  More importantly, her pain has drastically decreased.  

I feel that he genuinely cares about his patients' well-being.  Although he is very professional, he is personable.  We always chat about music and just life in general.  I look forward to my appointments.  He is a kind and compassionate person.  Dr. Yajima, thanks for being so great!  I adore you!

C.R. Female 30 years old

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Dr. Yajima is an amazing chiropractor. I have seen several chiropractors over the years and he is by far the best. He takes his time, he is patient and he truly wants to help! I don't have any serious injuries, however I work out a lot and need maintenance on my body, and he does the job well! Highly recommend him to everyone.

D.S. Female 26 years old

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My first visit with Dr. Yajima was very informative and helpful towards making healthier lifestyle choices. I was experiencing some neck/back aches that were a result of excessive bad posture and long hours working on my feet.

From the start, Dr. Yajima was careful to record notes as we discussed my case and seemed genuinely interested in my well-being. I have been to a chiropractor a few years back and other than a quick adjustment, there were no other considerations taken; Dr. Yajima not only provides adjustments, but utilizes many other tools and equipment to help relax and strengthen the muscles as well as providing instructions in nutrition and various exercises / stretches that he has patients perform in the rehabilitation room. He also recognized a collapsible arch in both of my feet, recommending custom orthotics (another amazing strength to his business) which helped to provide the support I needed while standing at work. There are many aspects to Dr. Yajima's chiropractic office that went far beyond my expectations.  

T.S. Female 26 years old

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I have a pretty bad neck injury and was experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and down my left arm. It was really hard for me to sleep and go throughout the day without feeling miserable. During my first consultation with Dr. Yajima I noticed that he asked many questions and was writing everything down that was being discussed. Just the note taking itself gave me a sense of comfort knowing that he is tracking my status.  
I would meet with Dr. Yajima twice a week and every meeting would start off with an update of what my activities were during the week, my pain level, and so on.
Every meeting he would adjust his treatment depending on how I felt. He would also give me stretches and exercises that I could do at home to better manage my pain when I don't see him.
I can honestly say that after seeing Dr. Yajima I feel much better than I did when I first saw him. I first started seeing him twice a week but now it's been tapered off to a one month basis. He has given me a better understanding of my body and how to manage my pain. This is much better than having to go to surgery!
Dr. Yajima is very flexible with his schedule, will answer all your questions, and is a very caring doctor. I highly recommend him.
B.D. Male 36 years old

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Dear Dr. Yajima,
A friend of mine recommended you to me. I have been working as a chef for years. All the tough physical work had started catching up with my lower back & calves a little awhile ago. When I'm at work I would be on my feet for approximately 8 to 10 hours a day with almost no break. My lower back & both of my calves would start bothering me in the first 30 minutes to 1 hour so I had to stretch my back or sit down to get temporary relief. You treated my back a couple of times & prescribed a pair of custom foot orthotics. You explained to me that due to the nature of my work, my feet need proper support to prevent the back and calf pain from coming back. After a few visits to your office I began to feel that my lower back and calves were not bothering me as they were before. Now my back has improved to the point where I'm able to keep working for much longer without taking any pain killer as I did before. 
T.H Male 38 years old 

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I had chronic lower back pain from over training soccer when I was in school and because of that I had not been able to play without a lower back corset. Since I started seeing Dr. Yajima I have been able to play without it. He had treated my lower back over several visites & explained why I'm getting lower back pain. He also told me what part of my body needs to be stretched or strengthened. I was extremely stressed out from not being able to do what I like. Now I'm both pain & stress free because of  Dr. Yajima.
H.C Male 40 years old

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I made an appointment with Dr. Hajime after I threw my lower back out.  I was in a lot of discomfort and it was difficult to sit down or stand up without experiencing horrible pain each time. My lower back was extremely stiff.  Dr. Hajime listened to me and was very thoughtful.  He had me try a number of different techniques to help my lower back rather than only giving me a quick "adjustment" that would just require me to come back again and again and again (like other chiropractors I've had before).  After one follow-up appointment with him, the pain was gone & my back felt great.  I can't thank Dr. Hajime enough.  He's very caring and goes above and beyond to make sure he's sent you on your way feeling a million times better!
L.N Male 36 years old

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I was referred to Dr. Yajima by one of my co-workers, and after my first session, it was clear that I made a right choice, as Dr. Yajima stands out from other chiropractors, at least the ones I've had in the past. He uses different types of technique, and see things from a whole body, nutrition & life style. It's not just about cracking one's neck - we discussed diet, life style, exercise, etc. His passion for the work he does is evident. And on top of all this - I'm getting good results. That has not been the case with my past chiropractors.
J.T Male 34 years old

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